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With the introduction of the GDPR I wanted to make sure you understand what data I am collecting, what it's for and how it's collected.


This website - or

  • If you send me an email, via any of the contact forms or 'email me here' links on this site or contact me via email through another method, you are giving me explicit permission to email you back for the purpose of answering your questions or requests. This will likely include your email address and name only but if you give me any further info such as phone numbers etc then that will be on my email server and email chain.

  • Your details will remain in my address book unless you ask for them to be removed. However, I will not use your information to contact you about anything else, unless it is related to your original question, or you have specifically asked to be informed of other items of interest. For instance, if you ask about getting a print I will reply to you with options at the time but if I have a special on that print or ones that are similar, at a later date I may email you about them so you have another option to purchase. 

  • To remove your details from my address book, simply email me at and ask for your details to be removed and I will remove them from my address book. I will also delete any email chains related to your email address, unless these have to be retained for proof of purchase, legal or tax purposes.

  • If you sign up to my email newsletter through this site, then you are giving me explicit approval to email you with any business, marketing, blog or other information that I deem fit. Now, keep in mind that I rarely send these out as I prefer to post info on my Facebook or Instagram page or via my blog on this site - where you can choose to follow it separately or not. However, if you sign up by mistake or change your mind and want to be removed from my mailing list, again just email me at and I will make sure you are removed from any database I have.

  • My site ( or - same site just different web addresses) does use Google Analytics but this data will be controlled by Google and their policy, I do not collect any personal data from this

Social Media - Facebook, Instagram or other platforms now or in the future I may belong to

  • If you follow my Facebook or Instagram page then I can see your name and potentially anything on your profile that you have made public. I do not keep a database of this information, it is just what you have put onto the social media platforms yourselves.

  • If you message me via any Social Media platform then you are authorising me to contact you in return. I will reply to your questions, requests etc and like with any email contact I would keep any further contact strictly related to topics that were relevant to your original request/message

I will never pass your details on to a third party, I would only ever use them for conducting business relevant to Jademunky and the services offered on this site.

By contacting me you are agreeing to the above terms. If for any reason you are not happy with any of the terms above, the best thing to do is not email or contact me, but thank you for visiting my site anyway.

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